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Zabeth Reid holds a ‘Post Graduate Teaching Qualification’, and is the Head-Coach of “Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi”, Senior Instructor (Grade 4) of the “Longfei Taijiquan Association of Great Britain”, Advance Instructor (Grade A) of the “Tai Chi Union of Great Britain”(TCUGB), Instructor member of the “British Council of Chinese Martial Arts” (BCCMA) & Instructor member of the “British Health Qigong Association”(BHQA).

Zabeth promotes health and vitality through tai chi & qigong classes in Yeovil, Somerset. She has studied tai chi and qigong under several teachers in the UK and abroad and teaching both since 1999. Following several years as head-coach for Mrs Men Bao, founder of our club ‘Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi’, Zabeth became head-coach of her own Bao’s Lung Fei Tai Chi group with teachers running classes in Somerset and Dorset.

Zabeth also organises regular tai chi & qigong workshops & events, inviting teachers to come and share their knowledge and expertise with all interested tai chi & qigong enthusiasts, travelling from around the South West to partake in them (info on ‘Events’ page).

One events that attracts many people to come and participate in, is her “Chinese New Year” celebration which happens each year around February time from which all the proceeds go to charity each year. It includes several teachers from other clubs coming to run mini-workshops to participate in, promoting their style of teaching and knowledge.

Zabeth can be booked for introductory taster sessions in tai chi, qigong or shibashi at WI meetings, hospital and similar groups, as well as in local schools.

School sessions are adapted to suit children and can include demonstrations of tai chi forms with fans, straight or broad sword (the swords brought in are not real and completely harmless). Maximum two classes per session in school main hall, with supervision by teachers or classroom assistants.

Please contact Zabeth directly (info on contact page) if you would like to book a session for your group or school.

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