Chinese Health Qigong

“Baduanjin” – 8 Sections Brocade or 8 Treasures

Baduanjin emerged before the Song Dynasty and developed into a formal exercise in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

“Baduanjin” Chinese Health Qigong version:

“Baduanjin” Chinese Health Qigong version demonstrated by Master Faye Yip:

“Wu Qin Xi” – 5 Animal Play Qigong

Wu Quin Xi is a health-building method developped by the famous doctor Hua Tuo in the Easter Han Dynasty by imitating the actions of animals based on the habits of the tiger, deer, bear, ape and bird.

Wu Qin Xi Chinese Health Qigong version:

“Yi Jin Jing”

“Yi Jin Jing” is believed to be a health building method created by Bodhidarma for the purpose of exercising our muscles and tendons.

Yi Jin Jing Chinese Health Qigong version:

Back view:

“Taiji Yangsheng Zhang” – Taiji Stick Qigong

Taiji Yangsheng Zhang is based on the ideas of “Taiji” unit of Yin and Yang. By long term practice, Taiji Stick can improve body flexibility and balance ability, the cardiovascular sytem and the phychological state.

Taiji Yangsheng Zhang Chinese Health Qigong version:

“Mawangdui DaoYin Shu”

Ma Wang DuiYin Shu is a health preserving method based on the silk scroll in the Western Han Dynasty unhearth in Changsha, hunan Province.

Mawangdui DaoYin Shu Chinese Health Qigong version: