Reiki & Healing

 What is the difference between Reiki and Healing?

Reiki healing may appear the same as Healing, often called Energy or Spiritual Healing.

There are, however, some differences between the two, and although the energy channelled in both systems is the same energy, the differences are in how the practitioner connects with it and uses it. Analogies could be for instance, a radio connecting you to music etc. via different radio channels, or travelling from A to B in different modes of transport or on foot, etc.

Both systems use hands (hands on or hands off) to transmit the energies. The main difference is in the use of symbols in Reiki. Some other differences are, for instance, it’s origin, ways of connecting and treating a client. In both instances the practitioner is calling in an outside source, such as universal life force energy and asking for the healing to come from somewhere other than their own personal energy. Another difference between the two systems is that, simply being attuned to Reiki does not necessarily give the practitioner the tools to deal with the emotions sometimes released by a client during a healing, so it is good to be trained in both systems.

Spiritual energy healers learn through practice to connect to and draw in the energy. Reiki practitioners tune in to the energy using Japanese symbols, that connects them to the source. Practising qigong, shibashi and tai chi helps make the practitioner a stronger channel for the energy. All healing whether Spiritual Energy Healing or Reiki works on the human energy field and uses channelled energy. All healing is beneficial, and whatever healing is received needs to originate from a pure intention from the practitioner.

The NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) connects the origin of healing to Christianity, and spiritual healing is offered at some churches. Reiki origins from Japan and some training gives it a Christian origin, others a Buddhist one. But at the end of the day, what ever beliefs you may have, they both transmit universal life force energy with the pure intent of helping and healing.

I have now retired from practising complementary therapies professionally, but have left some of the pages up as general information for visitors to the website.